To wet your appetite for the upcoming fishing season and to learn what different baits actually look and sound like underwater below are several videos from YouTube Channels showing underwater footage. There is much more out there if you want to see what your favorite bait looks like underwater. Even included some footage with some fish eating some of these baits. Enjoy.Read More →

Wednesday, June 3, 2020, Shimano North America put on a video conference which included coaches from three of the top College Bass Fishing Programs in the country. They answered many of the most commonly asked questions about College Bass Fishing. The video is a little over an hour long but if you are interested in pursuing Bass Fishing in College it is well worth your time.Read More →

Big thanks to Cody Gray for taking some time to talk to the group today via conference call. I know not everyone was able to see the video feed on the conference call so Cody shared some photos of some of the baits he likes for early season smallmouth action at Alum Creek. Also he shared some info on baits he like for mid-summer largemouths. Thanks again Cody for sharing some of your knowledge with the kids. Cody also shared some knots he likes to tie including a Braid to Flourocarbon knot. Below is a video demonstrating that knot. Here is a video explaining theRead More →

Here is a really good video explaining traditional 2D, Down Imaging, and Side Imaging sonar and how to interpret what you are seeing. This video was posted on a YouTube channel called Fish the Moment which is done by a young angler that fished in college. He does a great job of explaining concepts and providing graphics to help explain. Definitely a cool YouTube channel to check out.Read More →

There are several knots that can be used to tie a leader of flouro or mono line to braided mainline. Below are a few videos showing a couple common knots to use. What are your favorite leader knots?Read More →