How do you join the club? Contact Us and we will get you information on upcoming club events and how to become a member.

When is the best time to join the club? The best time to join the club is in the somewhere between early October and December. However, we accept club members anytime of the year but we may not be able to get your angler registered in all State level Tournaments as these have advanced registration requirements.

How much does it cost to join the club? Club dues are $250 annually. There are reduced dues for additional siblings (see club advisors).

In addition, if you participate in tournaments we ask that each angler provide $30 to their Boat Captains to assist with fuel and travel expenses. Also, each angler participating in tournaments will have travel and possibly lodging expenses depending upon where the tournaments are located.

How often does the club get together? This varies throughout the year. During the winter and early spring the club meets to plan for our fundraiser; The Hoover Fishing Seminar or has guest speakers or does activities such as lure making. In the Spring – Fall the club participates in competitive Tournaments and also holds several bank fishing tournaments for club members.

How is the club funded? The club is ran by volunteers and 100% funded thru club dues, proceeds from the Hoover Fishing Seminar, and from the support of our sponsors.

Do I have to attend all club events to be in the club? No, just come when you can.

Do I have to compete at all tournaments to be part of the club? No

What is The Bass Federation (TBF) / Student Angler Federation (SAF) / Ohio Bass Federation(OBF) and BASS? These are currently the main Bass fishing organizations in the State of Ohio that offer youth Tournaments. TBF, OBF, and SAF are all affiliated with MLF/FLW (however some changes may be coming related to MLF/FLW merger) while BASS (i.e. Bassmaster) is a separate organization. Hartley’s Hawgs is dual affiliated with BASS and MLF/FLW allowing our members to compete in tournaments organized by any of these groups.

What membership’s are required and how do I get the membership setup? Currently, all memberships are covered by the club EXCEPT for BASS Membership. BASS Membership can be obtained by calling 1.877.BASS.USA and going thru the membership menu or by visiting the following link on the BassMaster Website. Currently BASS Student Membership is $12/year. Be aware, if you get membership online it will automatically renew and charge the credit card you used on an annual basis until you stop the auto charges.

Do I have to be able to swim? Being able to swim is not directly related to fishing however, we do recommend that all anglers know how to swim for safety sake.

Do I have to own a boat? No, the club assists in providing Boats (and Captains) for the three tournaments in which we traditionally compete. Additionally, our meetings and events offer other opportunities to learn about the sport of fishing. We also schedule several bank/pond tournaments throughout the year for club members.