The Champs

The team of Mikey and Braden had high hopes going into the 2019 Jr National Tournament having both fished in National Tournaments in the past. The duo put that experience to good use putting together two solid days of fishing to claim the Bassmaster Jr National Championship held in Huntingdon, Tennessee on August 6 – August 7, 2019! The field included 62 teams from all over the country qualifying for this event at the State level. What an accomplishment for these two! Way to go boys!

The pair was sitting in 2nd place after the first day of competition. The Boys were in the 1st flight for day two and weighed in early having to spend a long nerve-wracking time on the hot-seat before the final team weighed in. If you don’t think Bass Fishing tournaments can be exciting check out this video below:

And the winner is…

This is a pretty awesome accomplishment. It is great to have some hardware and scholarship money returning back to Ohio. Here is link to the full results. Below are links to several articles and the entire weigh-in video archive. Way to go Braden and Mikey!

The Champs
The 2019 Champs

Below are several pictures from the Championship:

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  1. I have a particular interest in posting this comment so that all the members of the club and Braden,s parents are aware of this young man’s kindness! I had just trailered my boat at the Marina at Alum yesterday afternoon and was attempting to crank up my boat snug on the trailer when I reached the wrong way and pulled something inside my rib cage. I let out a moan and was laying on the bow when this young man stood on the dock next to my boat and asked, “do you need help” ? I looked sideways there was he was, Braden. I uttered yes and he proceeded to help me onto my tailgate and secure my boat on the trailer. afterwards I talked to him and he told all about getting ready to go to college in Tennessee(today I was talking to my fishing buddy Dan Main and then Dan told me about Braden being featured in the Ohio Outdoors News(I knew he looked familiar. You know in this day and age it is not as easy to find a young man such as Braden with all the core values that I grew up that my Mother instilled in me. I have a son, Eric who is 61 and he had the same values. Mr. & Mrs. McNamara I salute you–you raised a wonderful young man!! I have been fishing Alum since 1965. Yes, I am now old–88 and still trying to do what I have done for many years. If anyone wishes to reach out to me, my number is 614-530-8447 & leave message and will call you back.Again Braden, THANK YOU.

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