Below are links to forms that need to be completed and returned to a club advisor. The forms are listed below in numerical order with a short description of each form. Forms #1-4 are required and Forms #5-7 are only needed if applicable.


1 – Membership Data Form – Basic membership information form

2 – Angler Profile Form – Basic membership information form

3 – Emergency Medical Info – Important Emergency Contact Information

4 – Rules and Procedures Form – Review this entire form and sign/return last page of form.

ADDITIONAL FORMS AS NEEDED (Only fill out form if applicable)

5 – Media Refusal Form – Only required if you DO NOT want any media of your Angler to be used online or thru any other communcations.

6 – Boat Caption Info Form – Only required if member has parent/guardian/grandparent with a boat and they are willing to volunteer as a boat captain for any of our tournaments.

7 – Student Permission Slip – This form is intended to be filled out prior to participating in any tournaments.