Our 1st ever virtual tournament is heading into its final weekend. Below is a summary of our current un-official leaders in the different categories as of 9:00 PM Friday, May 8, 2020. We also recently had our first smallmouth entry in the tournament. Remember, bragging rights and prizes are on the line! To be an official catch for the tournament, the fish must be caught prior to 6:00 PM on Sunday, May 10, 2020. You can view all entries here.

For complete rules click here.

Hartley’s Hawgs – High School current leaders

  1. Longest Fish (AKA the Hawg!) – currently being led by Nathan Sisson with a beautiful 20-1/4″ fish.
  2. Shortest Fish (AKA the Guppy!) – Jake Pavlak currently has our Guppy with an 8″ entry.
  3. Fish Closest to 16” in length without going over – This category has been hotly contested with several entries very close. Currently Braden McNamara has a 16″ fish but several other entries are very close and may pull into a tie upon official review….
  4. Fish Closest to 14” in length without going over – Currently Jake Pavlak’s 12-1/2″ fish is closest to 14″. Definitely some room to get into contention in this category!
  5. Fish Closest to 12” in length without going over – Nathan Fiant currently holds this spot with a 11-3/4″ entry.

Hartley’s Hawgs – Piglets current leaders

Currently Grant Buzard is leading in all categories with several fish submitted including his big fish entry of 13-1/4″. There are opportunities for our younger anglers to get into the mix in several categories.

We’d also love to see some Walnut Springs entries.

Going to be a cool weekend but you can’t catch ’em if you don’t fish for ’em! Stay safe and enjoy some outdoor time.

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