We are starting a Virtual Tournament this coming Saturday (March 30, 2024) thru Sunday, April 28, 2024. We did some of these virtual tournaments back during the COVID time and decided to get another one going for this spring as a fun way to encourage the kids to get outdoors and do a little fishing! Please make sure to checkout our Virtual Tournaments Web page for all of the rules for the tournament. Pay particular attention to how to take your Fish pictures for the tournament to make sure we have no issues getting your entries in.

As we start to receive fish catches we will start posting them on the page for the tournament so that everyone can follow along to see where your catches stand. We are working on rounding up some prizes for all the different categories described for both our High School and Junior Anglers. So, starting this Saturday if you are out fishing make sure to bring along a measuring tool or tape measure and some paper to write down date/time of catch and start submitting your entries.

Have fun, be safe, and let’s start seeing some of your catches in our Spring 2024 Virtual Tournament.

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