Our 2024 Spring Virtual Tourney kicked off this weekend and thus far we have had 13 entries in our tournament. After the first weekend we have Asher leading the Juniors with a 14.5″ fish and Ryan leading our High Schoolers with a 13.75″ fish. You still have plenty of time to get out and catch a few fish to enter into this derby. Remember to try and get a picture with the date/time of your catch in the picture but if not we will accept date/time attributes with the picture. The main objective is to get out there and have some fun outside. To see all the entries goto our March 30th – April 28th Tournament Page.

Note, do not be alarmed if you don’t see your entry posted on the website immediately. Posting the images onto the website isn’t automatic but we will try and get entries posted at least a couple times a week. Have fun and stay safe and go snatch a Hawg!

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